30 August 2010

Poll Position: August 30, 2010

Should NASCAR take the Cup Series to Montreal?
Yes they should
No they shouldn't
No, but they should go to another road course
NASCAR should cut out road races
What's a Montreal?
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22 August 2010

Poll Position: August 23, 2010

Is Kyle Busch's three-peat a big deal?
I'm not sure
What's a three-peat?
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15 August 2010

Poll Position: August 16, 2010

Who was at fault for Sunday's incident with Ryan Newman and Joey Logano?
Newman. You've got to let faster guys go.
Logano. When the track is eight lanes wide and you run into someone...
They're both at fault.
Just good ol' hard stock car racing, baby.
No clue or no opinion.
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