14 November 2010

Poll Position, November 14, 2010

Should Jimmie Johnson's title reign end Sunday, has he, in your opinion, been a good champion?
No opinion
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01 November 2010

Poll Position- November 1

Who will be the Sprint Cup champion?
Jimmie Johnson
Denny Hamlin
Kevin Harvick
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24 October 2010

Poll Position- October 24

Was Kurt Busch out of line by wrecking Jeff Gordon?
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21 October 2010

Poll Position- October 21

What should happen to a driver if he is caught using a rival sponsor's product?
Can him!
He should be punished with a fine.
Lose his sponsorship.
Forced to explain his transgression to his sponsor's employees while wearing a shark suit.
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17 October 2010

Poll Position- October 17

Would you wreck a driver to win the championship?
Depends on the driver
Only if it's Jimmie Johnson
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10 October 2010

Poll Position: October 10

Was Sunday's race in Fontana entertaining?
Yes it was!
Same ol' snoozfest
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03 October 2010

Poll: October 3

Should drivers in the Chase get preferrential treatment?
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26 September 2010

Poll Position September 26

Who do you dislike more?
Denny Hamlin
Kevin Harvick
Jimmie Johnson
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20 September 2010

Poll Position September 20, 2010

Did Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, and Matt Kenseth's title hopes end Sunday?
Yes. Too far to go, too few races
No. Nine races is a quarter of the season. Anything can happen.
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12 September 2010

Poll Position: September 13, 2010

Which Chaser has the most to prove?
Denny Hamlin
Jimmie Johnson
Kevin Harvick
Kyle Busch
Kurt Busch
Tony Stewart
Greg Biffle
Jeff Gordon
Carl Edwards
Jeff Burton
Matt Kenseth
Clint Bowyer
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06 September 2010

Poll Position: September 7

Who made the biggest statement in Atlanta?
Tony Stewart
Carl Edwards
Jimmie Johnson
Denny Hamlin
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30 August 2010

Poll Position: August 30, 2010

Should NASCAR take the Cup Series to Montreal?
Yes they should
No they shouldn't
No, but they should go to another road course
NASCAR should cut out road races
What's a Montreal?
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22 August 2010

Poll Position: August 23, 2010

Is Kyle Busch's three-peat a big deal?
I'm not sure
What's a three-peat?
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15 August 2010

Poll Position: August 16, 2010

Who was at fault for Sunday's incident with Ryan Newman and Joey Logano?
Newman. You've got to let faster guys go.
Logano. When the track is eight lanes wide and you run into someone...
They're both at fault.
Just good ol' hard stock car racing, baby.
No clue or no opinion.
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24 June 2010


Here's another cartoon, this one stars the Joe Gibbs Racing trio of drivers


21 June 2010

Cartoon Time....

I've decided to start posting my cartoons (which I hope to start doing more regularly) here on the HoH website. These toons will usually feature either NASCAR drivers or Hour of Horsepower personalities.

First up.....Pinball Wizard (Starring Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, and Dale Earnhardt Jr)


24 March 2010

About our guest- Johnny Sauter



Photo Credit: Steve McDermott of RacingfortheWin.com

We’re quite pleased, excited, and just relieved to finally welcome Johnny Sauter to our show on March 24th.


Johnny Sauter is the driver of the #13 ThorSport Racing Chevrolet in the Camping World Truck Series. Entering this weekend's event at the Martinsville Speedway, he currently stands 19th in points, 140 behind leader Todd Bodine. He is teammates with Matt Crafton of the 88 Menards Chevy.


Johnny is also a new father to son Penn Joseph, born January 13, 2010 and husband to Courtney.


To learn more about Johnny, go to his website, here. To learn more about ThorSport Racing, visit their site here.

What we do


A lot of people may or may not understand how our show works. We actually do have a somewhat template for how we run our show. We take callers and read tweets live on the air. At times, it may seem a little chaotic, but we try and keep some order. Below is an explanation of how the show is run and what to watch out for.


Mondays are basically a recap day. Soon, we’ll be starting up the Hour of Horsepower “Rearview Mirror” which will be a 5-10 minute recap on some of the top teams of NASCAR staring some regular guests on the show. Monday shows will be aired live at 10:30pm EST.


Wednesdays are where it all started really. Our first show was on a Thursday, back when our sister show, Next Time By, aired on Mon-Wed. We soon moved our show to Wednesdays to accommodate Summer’s show. This is the day we reserve for very special guests. It is a midweek show that we pride ourselves in. Wednesday shows will be aired live at 10:00pm EST.


Both Mondays and Wednesdays could be considered rated E for everyone, but proceed with caution!


Sunday morning shows are where we shine. But listener, beware! We tend to get very un-politically correct and raunchy. Sunday morning shows are fun and bizarre, often ending with most or all of us laughing hysterically. Anything goes on Sunday mornings. We let loose a lot more on the after hours edition. Sunday shows will be aired live at 12:00am EST. ALL Sunday morning shows are rated M for mature!


If you have any questions, suggestions, or if you’d like to be a guest on the show, please contact our host or producer.


Contact Us

26 January 2010


As anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I'm an avid NASCAR cartoonist and I post them quite often on the @garagetoons account. I figured I would start posting them on this site as well.

First up:

"How to beat the 48 team"

Everyone wants to know what it will take to stop Jimmie Johnson and Chad Knaus. It seems Jeff Gordon (thinks he) has found the answer


18 January 2010

Contact us

There are several ways you can get in touch with us.


For more information about the show: gen.short@hourofhorsepower.com

Follow us on Twitter: @HorsepowerRadio



Email: gen.short@hourofhorsepower.com or gen.short@one4thewin.com

Twitter: @GennaGirl or @NASCARGirl14



Email: aaron@hourofhorsepower.com

Twitter: @RedChevy14

13 January 2010

Genesis Short

Genesis, better known as Genna or JJ, is a 26 year old writer. She is a 6th year veteran of NASCAR and a 2nd year veteran NASCAR writer.

Her blog, One 4 the Win, was born in February 2009 and in Spring of 2009, she created a domain name and a presence online.

Outside of her NASCAR writing exploits, she is an amateur novelist, budding photographer, and lover of classic books.

Her favorite NASCAR drivers are: too many to name! She also loves Phoenix International Raceway and pretty much hates all road courses!

Genna can be reached at gen.short@hourofhorsepower.com or on twitter @GennaGirl

Aaron Rosser

Aaron Rosser is a lifelong racing fan from Northwest Georgia, an amateur/freelance writer since 2005, a racing cartoonist since 2007, and - in his own words - an expert debater since who knows when. His favorite driver is Tony Stewart, for whom he has been a fan since before the man they call Smoke ran his first race in what is now the Sprint Cup Series. He is also a fan of Kevin Harvick, Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin, and pretty much anyone but Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt, Jr., Kasey Kahne, and Brad Keselowski. Acclaimed for his humor and insight, Aaron is rarely short on an opinion and rarely shy about expressing it...often leading to heated exchanges with fellow race fans, Genna included...

He can be reached via email at aaron@hourofhorsepower.com, or you can follow him on Twitter @RedChevy14.


Thanks for stopping by HoH.com! We're so excited to get our first podcast underway! Stay tuned for some exciting shows! We hope to feature some great guests on the show and awesome content on the site!

Aaron and I have been dreaming about this podcast since last April and planning it for almost two months now so to finally be putting it all together is really exciting! We definitely hope you'll join us for our first show on 01.14.10! We'll be previewing the 2010 NASCAR season and briefly looking back at 2009. We also hope to have a very special secret guest call into the show on that day.

So mark your calendar (time of podcast TBA) and keep checking the site for updates!